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KeyTek Quality

Quality manufacturing

Each keyboard is cut out of 5052 aluminum using a high precision CNC Laser machine. The aluminum pieces are then formed into their final shape using a CNC press brake. After building the part it is then anodized giving the keyboard a high quality, good looking protective finish. All of our keyboards are made in the U.S.A.


KeyTek keyboard cases are designed to be used with many fan-favorite components.

Colors can be customized by selecting an anodizing option at checkout.

About us

Based out of The United States, KeyTek founded its brand in 2020 and became a mechanical keyboard manufacturing company. The ultimate goal is to provide end users with a superior typing experience. Looking into the future, Keytek aims to reach even greater heights, continuously working to generate new product ideas. Whether you’re playing or working, giving your fingers the sturdy mechanical keyboard feel they desire.

We started KeyTek LLC because we love gaming, love innovating, and have a great set of skills that complement each other. Greg focuses on design engineering, Ryan does our software engineering, and Jacob focuses on our business activities. Over the years, we have stayed in touch through gaming, as we’ve lived in different states or even different countries. We built and tested many prototypes resulting in a sleek product that is made of high quality material and has great finishing options. For our team, the innovation never stops, as we are constantly looking to perfect and customize the next line up of products. Thank you for considering the KTK60. We hope you chose our American made case for your next build!


  • 5052 aluminum
  • Selection of 8 anodized colors
  • 60% DZ60 or ANSI layout
$149 Available Now!
Future Designs
  • 5052 aluminum
  • Selection of 8 anodized colors
  • Let us know what layout you want!
$??? Coming soon

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